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   Balkan Cup 2012










World Cup Space Modelling Contest in S4A, S6AS7, S8E-P, S9A,  space modelling categories for competitors with  FAI Sporting Licencesvalid for 2012 (S3A non world cup) 

50th Anniversary of FAI Space Modelling (1962 -2012)


Organizer :      IKAR Dupnitsa,  Bulgarian Aeromodelling Federation 

Date of contest:      30 June - 1 July 2012 


Contest Director:  Sotir Lazarkov (Bulgaria) 


FAI Jury:             Will be adviced





 JUDGE S7 :  1. Mr. Stuard Lodge (UK)

                    2. Mr. Marin  Georgiev  (Bulgaria)

                    3. Mr. Kiril Kostadinov (Bulgaria) 

Protest:  Protest are possible in one-hour period after each category in writing along  with 35  protest fee.


 Contest area :  3 km from Dupnitsa,  4217'48.62"N   23 9'29.69"E


Contest fee :   For all categories - 30       Juniors free of charge



Preliminary Program and time schedule :                                    


 Friday 29 June 2012 Registration -_Club IKAR

 15.00h. -  24.00h. Arrival, Practice, пристигане, настаняване регистрация на състезателите.

 21,00h. -  22.00h. transmission models S7; предаване на моделите от клас S7.

 19.30h. -  Competitor registration; регистрация на състезателите.

 20.30h. -   Dinner; вечеря. 


 Saturday  30 June 2012 -  S4A, S6AS9A contest day.

 7.30h. - Breakfast, закуска и прrидвижване до полигона.

 8.40h. - Opening Ceremony; откриване на състезанието.

 9.00h. - 9.30h. Model processing for S4A, S6A, S9A;  

Registration ( Pегистрация на класовете)  S4A, S6A, S9A

 9.30h. - 10.30h. -   1 st round S4A ; първи старт S4A.

10.30h. - 11.30h. -  2 nd round S4A; втори старт S4A.

11.30h. - 12.30h. -  3 th round S4A;  трети старт S4A.


12.45h. - 13.40h. -  1 st round S6A ; първи старт S6A.

13.40h. - 14.30h. -  2 nd round S6A; втори старт S6A.

14.30h. - 15.20h. -  3 th round S6A;  трети старт S6A.


15.30h. - 16.30h. -  1 st round S9A ; първи старт S9A.

16.30h. - 17.30h. -  2 nd round S9A; втори старт S9A.

17.30h. - 18.30h. -  3 th round S9A;  трети старт S9A.


18.30h. -  19.30h. - additional launches and spare time; допълнителни стартове и резервно време.                               

20.30h. -   Dinner; вечеря;  Banquet


 Sunday 1 July 2012 -  S8E-P, S3A, S7 contest day.

07.30h. - Breakfast; закуска и придвижване до полигона.

08.45h  09.15  Registration for S8E-P, S3A;

             Registration  (Регистрация на класовете) S8E-P, S3A.

9.00h. -11.00h. - 1st round S7  ; първи старт в клас S7

11.00h. - 13.00h. - 2st round S7  ; първи старт в клас S7

13.00h 15.30h - S8E-P starting rounds; стартиране по групи S8E-P.


13.30h. - 14.30h. -  1 st round S3A ; първи старт S3A.

14.30h. - 15.30h. -  2 nd round S3A; втори старт S3A.

15.30h. - 16.30h. -  3 th round S3A; трети старт S3A.


16.30h. -  17.30h. - additional launches and spare time; допълнителни  стартове и резервно време.

 17.30h. -   Awards and closing ceremony; награждаване и закриване на състезанието.

                  In case of bad weather or any other case the organiser reserves a

 right to change the timetable.

prize giving on the contest site after the competition. 

 Prizes:              The best three senior and junior competitors in each category will be awarded with diplomas and prizes. 

 Banquet:                                   15  

 National currency:               1,9558 BGN = 1 fixed !!! 

 Accomodation:       Hotel Rila 18  per night (with breakfast)                                    


 Meals:                     Lunch at field - per day - 5 

 Entry applications:  Should be arrived until 27 June 2012 !! 

 Contact person :     Sotir Lazarkov  slazarkov@gmail.com

                                Konstantin Ranov    chichkovratichko@abv.bg   

Address:                  Konstantin Ranov

                                  2A Dobrudzha str.

                                  Dupnitsa 2600


                                  Phone: +359 88 8300728 

                                  Phone: +359 88 8877665                                                          


Website :                http://www.ikar-dupnitsa.org/



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